I find that your sculpture expresses the vivacity, the expression and physical force of Goldikova. A beautiful piece of work. Freddie Head
Trainer of Goldikova

As I look critically at thousands of horses every year, my eye is fairly well tuned when it comes to looking at the 'perfect athlete'. For someone to actually create that absolute picture in art form to the detail it requires, is a unique and extraordinary talent. A margin here, a margin there makes the difference between someone who is simply an artist to someone who is different from the rest. Having watched Charlie unfold his talents over the last few years makes me think his work will be admired and coveted for generations. John F.R. Warren
Racing Manager to Her Majesty The Queen

Charlie spent a considerable amount of time observing Yeats at Coolmore and we feel his bronze really captures the horse's character and his wonderful presence. We couldn't possibly have been happier with the piece - it is truly magnificent. John and Sue Magnier

I have long admired Charlie's work as an equine artist and sculptor but it wasn't until he unveiled his one third sized portrait of Derby winner Motivator that I realised that here was an artist with a talent that was truly unique. I look at that painting every day at home and I am still in awe of the way that Charlie captured the character and physical presence of the horse. The unveiling of the two bronzes of our world champion, Harbinger, proved that Charlie is also a supremely gifted sculptor and one who has a special eye for the confirmation and movement of the thoroughbred. The Hon. Harry Herbert