I find myself drawn to each subject with a fresh excitement as I try to build its profile. I try to establish the physical elements first, followed by the the character and then attempt to marry these together in the way nature has but into a lasting, and relatively cold medium.

This challenge of capturing the individual, the life, energy and spirit is a difficult one to which I am addicted. I have a fascination in finding out how these animals are put together and how this allows them to evoke so much emotion in us. They are remarkable animals, not only physically but also mentally. Their connection with us is an intangible and wonderful one.

I am constantly learning about horses. I know that my fascination with them will continue for many years to come and the challenge of capturing their life and spirit in bronze will be an endless pursuit. Unfortunately the sculptor can never achieve perfection if studying from nature, as nothing can equal life; he can only attempt to capture and preserve its fleeting impression and those emotions it creates.

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